I have been enjoying taking photos since I was a young child, although almost all of those pictures turned out blurry and unrecognisable. Since getting older this passion hasn’t wavered although I am still prone to the odd blurry and unrecognisable photo. Due to the outstanding countryside that surrounds me in Sussex, nature has always drawn my attention and influenced my photography. However this has not become the only theme to my work, and I find inspiration within most things around me.

Having sadly moved on from film photography, an experience which I find much more tactile, I now take all photos on a mixture of Canon and Sony dSLR cameras. Whilst this reduces cost it also reduces the air of authenticity of the photos, it is due to this that I make a point of limiting any post-processing work as much as possible.

This website is a small sample of my photos with many more to be found on Flickr. My new photos are posted on Twitter along with upcoming projects.